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The Do’s and Don’ts

Whether you are an avid tennis player or new to the sport, there are many things one should know before they get on the court. That is why I am here to save you, right there, from embarrassment when it comes to fashion.


  • Do not wear clothing that is too small for you- all clothing should cover assets and be comfortable to move around in
  • No jewelry- you are playing a sport not modeling
  • Wear colors that look good on you- you are trying to be intimidating but prove you have some fashion sense
  • Be CONFIDENT in what you wear- there is nothing worse than seeing someone that just looks out of place in an outfit


  • Wear polos and shorts- stay away from cutoffs and capri pants
  • Look clean walking on the court, not like you just rolled out of bed
  • Don’t wear obnoxious colors (pink, neon colors, etc.)
  • Look comfortable, not like a walking ad for sponsors

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Oh no…

Vera Zvonereva and Ana Ivanovic both depict completely different fashion tastes. Vera has a more modest appeal and Ana has a more “cute” or “girly” appeal to hers. However, both of them performed a fashion NO-NO in this picture.

Since when has a full jumpsuit ever been “of style?” This isn’t basketball, you dont need a full on jumpsuit to walk onto the court Vera. You should of left that in the locker-room. I understand it might be cold, but seriously lets not walk out in a sea of blue where we only can find your face because of your white visor.

Don’t think I am letting Ana off the loose either. Pink and brown have never, and I mean never complimented each other. The skirt is dark brown with gold accents and the top is pink with gold lettering for the brand name..A little smidge of gold will not tie in the entire outfit. I believe she woke up color blind this evening and I wouldn’t be surprised if it was a match taking place at the break of dawn because they all look tired, even the ref.

This was definitely a roll out of bed, put my hair up, throw on an outfit, and hope that this match won’t air on national television one of mornings. Unfortunately, this picture will be on the internet forever ladies and gentlemen.

credit: Jean & Nathalie


credit to sub_lime79

Maria Sharapova has been a fashion icon for the sport of tennis for years now. She is sponsored by Nike and has always been there #1 model for their entire woman’s line. The only problem is that Nike likes to push the limits of fashion and while everything may match, the outfits tend to be a bit extravagant and over the top.

Maria’s personality is definitely shown through the outfits they create for her though. She holds herself higher than most people and is a bit conceited but that’s typical of professional athletes who get millions of dollars. The outfit, although I would never wear it, really compliments Maria’s skin tone as well as her hair. Being blonde, blue is naturally a good color for you to wear and Maria takes advantage of this. The lighter blue underline that’s attached to the dress gives it a taste of being “girly” but not too girly. Her shoes also have a blue design on them to tie in the entire outfit. The light blue on the shoes, the light blue underlining, the dark overlining on the dress with, and the dark visor really bring the outfit all together to pull a fashion DO.

The Joker is fashionably inclined.

Novak Djokovic: clever, stylish, and hilarious on the court. Those are just a few ways to describe the currently ATP ranked #1. Novak has quite the typical fashion sense of most tennis players. Solid shirt, white shorts, and matching accessories. There isn’t much uniqueness to his attire at all, however most guys take his style and make it there own because of his ranking. The athlete wears the brand Sergio Tacchini, which is not worn by many. This brand shows plain colors with maybe an occasional solid stripe accent running across. Its simple, its plain, but it works because with Djokovic’s personality on and off the court he doesn’t need flamboyant colors or designs running through his clothes.

Novak is a complete goofball on and off the court. He is constantly playing pranks on other players and in my opinion that is what has gotten him to the top. There is nothing more frustrating than playing someone who is constantly happy and joking the entire match. No matter who he plays he always looks like he is having a great time. That doesn’t mean that it hasn’t gotten to his head though. Djokovic is known for being one of the cockiest players on the court but that comes with privilege if you’ve worked your way to the top to beat Nadal and Federer. I’s something to be proud about and its definitely brag worthy.

Courtesy of: y.caradec

A younger, more relatable fashion idle

Credit: Christian Mesiano

Ana Ivanovic, 22, became a pro in August 2003 and is sponsored by Adidas. Ivanovic who admits to having an interest in fashion and shopping on her personal website clearly shows it in this outfit. The new Adidas line for Fall 2011 coordinates blue and pink together and I believe that it was a smart choice on their part. These colors are often seen as accents in other outfits among tennis outfits and so to bring them together, I believe would be a smart move to make a higher income.

Reality is that girls like pink. No matter what colors you put with it, if it’s pink it’s most likely going to be successful. Nike, for instance, earlier this year coordinated black and pink to bring a more cute but fierce look. Adidas however has always been into the vibrant and “fashionable” look rather than the “fierce” or “intimidating” factor. These aren’t the only colors Adidas has chosen for this season, there are many others but Ana’s main focus is on the Barricade Collection and it almost always has been.

It’s only recently that Adidas has split multiple combinations into “collections” for easier and more apprehensive buying. In the collections they throw in shoes, wristbands, visors, shorts, skirts, and tops that will all match.

Ana is the prime model they could of chosen for this job because of her interest in fashion and playing. From warming up to playing a match, I have always seen her matching. I have personally been lucky enough to have talked to her in the past and she is just like any other young adult who likes to have fun but also get the job done. Her personality is conveyed by her attire because not every person is lucky enough to talk to or watch her in person to really see how she is as a person/athlete.

The blue and pink attire choices show a fun and flirty vibe to the outfit, Ana, and Adidas as a whole. This is definitely an outfit to attract young athletes who enjoy bright colors.